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I am celebrating two years at DNX Solutions

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    Bruno da Silva Valenga

Hey there, I am just writing this post because I'm celebrating 2 years this month at DNX Solutions. First of all, I would like to thank those who helped me and keep helping me achieve my goals on my professional path. I'm so grateful for the support and all the knowledge acquired in this beautiful world that is DNX. Without my team, I wouldn't be here so far. So many thanks, #DNXTeam.

In 2 and half years, so many things happened in my life. I landed in another country, learned how to speak another language, got into so many different cultures, and kept learning something new. Every day is a new challenge, and I am pleased to be experiencing this in my life.

For those who don't know, I started at DNX Solutions, working as a Software Engineer. At the begginer, the company provided software development, and I was one of the Full Stack Javascript developers. At that time, I had the pleasure of working on several projects, such as:

  • Architecting and Developing several applications using Javascript.
  • Developing frontend applications using React, Angular, VueJS.
  • Developing backend applications using Node, GraphQL, Amplify.
  • Integrating applications with AWS Services, like: Lambda, SNS, SES, App Sync, Amplify, Cognito, DynamoDB, S3.

Several projects were delivered to customers, which I am honoured to say that I worked and took part in. Some simple projects and some complex ones that is when AWS Services started to be a part of my life. Maybe you don't know much about where I work, so I will try to brief you.

DNX Solutions is a cloud-native company. Our focus has always been on using the cloud as a service provider. As we're an AWS partner, I learned to work with various services from AWS and integrate them with developed applications. But I knew that new challenges were coming. I remember my first interview with Allan Dennot. He said that I would join the team as a software engineer but learn to be a DevOps Engineer would be a must. As I like new challenges, at the same time, I was excited, but when I got home, it turned my mind. I already had a solid career as a Software Engineer, years working with big projects and companies. Should I do that? Will I get there?

...and the answer is YES, I got it.

After a long journey, several sleepless nights, studying weekends, participating in more than 60 projects, having had the honour of working with incredible people with diverse Australian and international companies, I can say that I managed to reach my goal, to become a DevOps engineer.


Here are some of the projects I am proud to have delivered:

Software Engineer

  • Architecting and Developing an entire Portal and CMS for project managing in React as frontend solution and Serverless Framework as the backend.
  • Developing new features on customer VueJS application.
  • Developing React Application to build dynamic forms using Amplify.
  • Developing Landing Page applications using React.
  • Developing an Authentication page using pure Javascript for Cognito authentication.
  • Developing React-based applications using automated pipelines to build and deploy.
  • Developing Serverless API using Serverless Framework and SAM.
  • Developing Serverless GraphQL using lambda functions.
  • Developing GraphQL using AWS App Sync with Amplify.
  • Developing lambda function to create thumbnails on S3 Event trigger.
  • Creating Serverless offline API integrating with CloudStack Framework.
  • Developing many open source Terraform modules (
  • Developing Constructs for AWS CDK in Typescript and Python.

DevOps Engineer

  • Modernization Ruby Backend Application and PHP Frontend application into docker.
  • Modernization of 7 micro-services in Laravel to Docker containers running in ECS Cluster.
  • Creating a modern and dynamic pipeline to release more than 100 customers at the same time.
  • Creating multi-region serverless project, running microservices in lambda functions and API Gateway + Route53 Geo.
  • Modernization of Cake PHP application into a docker container.
  • Modernization of a Laravel application into a docker container.
  • Modernization of 6 REST APIS in Golang.
  • Deploying Kubernetes cluster to handle workloads using controllers to interacting with native AWS Services.
  • Create microservices architecture using serverless.
  • Participating in projects using Blockchain.
  • Modernization of NextJS Application into Docker containers.
  • Modernization of Django Application into Docker containers.
  • Developing multi-user environment deployments using Gitlab Pipelines.
  • Arcquitecturing private API using internal API Gateway.
  • Developing Gitlab Runners to run jobs from a pipeline in a private AWS Account.
  • Creating automation pipelines with tools known in the market, such as Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Buildkite, AWS Code Pipeline, Azure Pipelines.
  • Loading test in applications.
  • Consulting services in big players in the market.
  • Managing resources and applications on Heroku within integration in AWS.
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